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Winter Preparation

Commercial Gutter Company

Recent mornings of frosted lawns and chilly temperatures are a reminder that winter is on its way to the Tri-State. Before the weather forces us indoors for the season, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the cold months.

Your roof and gutters are easy to forget about, especially if they seem to be intact and working properly. The problem is that sticks, debris, and especially leaves on your roof and in your gutters can set the stage for considerable winter damage if not removed in a timely fashion.

Gutters collect and remove water from your roof. When they become blocked, they retain water, which can freeze. When ice forms, it expands and can deform or destroy gutters, downspouts, and other roof elements.

Once a gutter system is compromised, there can be a cascade effect where roof problems pile up. Bent or warped gutters allow more water and debris to be trapped, causing further stress and damage. In extreme cases, you may not even realize there’s a problem until visible water damage to your home’s interior appears. At that point, you’re staring down costly repairs that could have been avoided with routine cleaning.

Clearing gutters in preparation for winter can be tedious, but it’s very important. When the leaves come down, be sure to service your gutters and avoid winter surprises of expensive and disruptive roof damage.

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