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We Make Them Like They Used To

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To many, roofing may seem like a necessary (if not dull) aspect of modern life. In reality, roof fabrication and installation is an age-old craft that has been practiced as long as there have been buildings.

In 2020, HKC is launching a new training initiative to ensure that our team’s knowledge base extends far beyond popular modern roofing practices. Centuries ago, roofs were made to last indefinitely. The materials that were typically employed, such as slate and metal, were extremely durable, and roofs were expected to be permanent fixtures that lasted the entire life of the building. It takes special knowledge of the craft, however, to utlilize these materials as they were initially intended. Using standard modern practices while using historic materials can be extremely wasteful and inefficient, betraying the potential benefits of historic craftwork. Working in Photoshop on a computer is a far cry from painting in oil on canvas!

Our goal for this year is to equip our team with the training necessary to use traditional materials and methods on both modern and historic roofs. For years, Kurtis Hord has refined his passion for traditional roofing methods to an extent that he has become a foremost expert on the subject. In 2020, Kurtis will be leveraging his robust experience into a comprehensive training program that will qualify HKC team members to practice age-old roofing methods.

While we are constantly looking for new and modern improvements, it is also important to look backwards sometimes. Artisans of the past knew what they were doing. Under the guidance of experts, HKC seeks to carry our craft’s great traditions into the future.