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Volatile Costs in A Shifting Economy

Cincinnati Oh Roofer

Construction of any kind relies on a complex web of materials, people, and time. When the availability of any of these factors shifts, there is bound to be a ripple effect that influences the cost to you, the consumer.

Right now, the roofing industry is facing a rising tide of materials costs, which has caused us at HKC to raise our prices multiple times this year. Some of this increase can be attributed to new tariffs on steel and aluminum. One symptom of the current strong economy has been heightened investment and an increased demand for building materials. While this is usually seen as a good thing, it has also elevated the demand (and cost) of various building materials.

Another contributing factor has been rising freight costs. There is currently a shortage of truck drivers, which means that full shipments direct from manufacturers are a costly proposition. All of these cost components are working together right now to drive up the price of roofing, to the extent that prices we have quoted are only good for 30 days.

Costs tend to stabilize themselves once markets eventually settle down. In general, however, prices are unlikely to shrink any time soon, even if material costs come back to earth. The best course of action, then, is to pursue any roof construction before we see another spike in cost. Even in the midst of a successful run, the economic landscape can be challenging to navigate for building owners and contractors alike. We at HKC work to understand your budget, schedule and expectations to deliver the best value for your roofing project.