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Sustainable Roofing Practices


At HKC, we believe that delivering world class roofs is only part of what makes us an industry leader. We also value responsible roofing practices that seek to minimize the amount of waste that we create. While some waste-generation is inevitable, HKC has taken extra steps in recent years to reduce waste to a sustainable level.

We have recently expanded our recycling program to include copper, steel, stainless steel as well, as aluminum and lead. This is in addition to our recycling of non-metal products such as cardboard, plastic, glass, and wooden pallets.

HKC has launched a roof re-purchasing program where we salvage and purchase historic slate and tile from homeowners so that we can use them for future repairs and renovations. This keeps valuable historic materials from being destroyed while also reducing landfill waste.

Along with reducing material waste, we also do what we can to conserve energy. With the help of skylights, our warehouse is illuminated entirely naturally. We are also on our way to installing a 22,000 kilowatt solar panel system which will fulfill our entire facility’s electrical needs.

We believe that in the long run, such sustainable practices will prove to be not just environmentally responsible, but profitable as well. In the short run, we are happy to deliver quality work while minimizing our environmental impact.