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Snow Removal for Roofs

Cincinnati Roofing Companies

“Tumble down shack in Bigfoot County. Snowed so hard that the roof caved in.”
~ Brown-Eyed Women,
Robert Hunter

In this tragic song, a huge blizzard destroys a home, permanently scarring the family who lived there. While modern buildings are much better suited to withstand heavy weather, snow and ice can still do considerable damage. Snow buildup can be particularly heavy. This can be problematic on flat commercial roofs. In addition to sheer accumulation, the cycles of thawing and refreezing can produce ice dams that can do considerable damage to roofs and gutter systems.

Significant amounts of snow and ice should be cleared away in order to preserve the integrity of the roof system. This is easier said than done. A snowy roof is a dangerous place. Great care must be taken to be up there, even in favorable conditions. Roofs are also easy to damage. Those clearing roofs must be mindful of construction features and critical areas in order to complete the job successfully and without damage.

At HKC, we know how roofs are put together and how to navigate them. Our technicians are familiar with rooftops and have the awareness and the equipment needed to remove snow safely and effectively. Winter has made her presence known in the Tri-State this year. The next time an arctic blast hits, call HKC and ensure the integrity of your roof system.

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