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Rooftop Living

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Roofs are primarily functional structures that offer protection and conserve energy. A recent trend, however, especially with the rise of urban living, has been roofs as outdoor living spaces.

In both remodeled historic buildings as well as modern condo complexes, rooftop living maximizes available space. Where outdoor green spaces are nonexistent, rooftop patios make the most of the entire property while providing an elevated view of the surrounding neighborhood.

From this perch, you can entertain friends and family as you cook out or just relax and enjoy a nice summer evening. These spaces also provide space for living landscaping and even gardens. A fully utilized roof allows you to enjoy suburban amenities in the heart of the city.

New technology in roofing materials is responsible for rooftops’ newfound usability. Unlike heavy traditional stone pavers, roofing paver stones are typically made of a composite material. At HKC, the roof pavers we use consist of 95% recycled rubber or plastic. These repurposed materials result in paver stones that are only one-third the weight of traditional stones or bricks.

Roofs can be more than just an essential part of your house. If you have a rooftop that could potentially be used as a living space, HKC would love to help you flesh out the necessary details.