Metal Roofing

At HKC Roofing we install, repair and maintain all types of metal roof systems. Standing seam metal roofing panels have been used on traditional and contemporary homes for over a century. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have many metal roofs that were installed around the turn of the century and are still in use today. 

cincinnati metal roof installer

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The Standing seam metal roof is a hot commodity because of its clean look and exceptional durability. They are relatively simple roof systems that can provide a great fire, wind, and water resistance.

Architecture plays a major role in the aesthetic enhancement of a building or structure. They are installed over solid substrates at a slope greater than or equal to 3:12. Most panels have details that are designed to conceal the fasteners so that your metal roof will have a clean appearance.
There is an unlimited amount of profiles, colors, and accessories when it comes to selecting a Metal Roof system. Give HKC a call so we can help guide you towards the roof system that best fits your home or building.