Half-Round Dormers Case Study

Harrison, Ohio –

The problem:
The original half-round dormers were covered with 29 gauge paint grip. The workmanship was so poor that the contractor simply rolled the sheet metal over the dormer and installed face-nails to hold it in place. They even cut the metal where the dormer transitioned into the roof in order to get the metal bend. The final straw was when the contractor didn’t even bother to solder the seams. They felt that caulking the metal seams was a good long-term solution. See below how this nightmare was rectified.

The solution:
HKC hand-made 18 x 24 inch copper flat-lock sheets. Each piece was individually installed using copper cleats with copper nails. This tried and proven traditional roofing method has been around for hundreds of years. All of the flat-lock seams were pounded closed with a dead blow hammer and then soldered. An ice guard underlayment surrounds the dormer and the asphalt shingles were repaired. This roof can be expected to stay in service for well over 75 years.