Curved Copper Bay Window Case Study

Middletown, Ohio –

The Problem
The original curved bay was Tin and stayed in place for over 60 years. This was primarily due to it being coated with asphalt . It leaked and caused wood damage and interior damage to the old plaster ceiling. When installing these types of tricky roofs it’s best to use material that will last a very long time. We oftentimes recommend copper or lead-coated copper if a pewter color is desired.

The Solution
HKC hand-made this curved metal roof starting with nothing more than flat copper sheets. Each panel was bent to include two standing ribs. Our skilled technicians shrank the metal until it conformed to the curvature of the roof. Once all the panels were fitted, we rolled the seams two times to create a roof that is locked together. This traditional metal roofing technique is referred to as “Double-Lock” standing seam. You can still find this style of metal roofing in service on many homes built at the beginning of the 20th century.