Copper Pipes Case Study

Ft. Mitchell, KY –

The Problem
These failing pipe boots are one of our most commonly serviced items on steep sloped roofs. They have a serviceable life of 6-8 years depending on their location on the roof. Even the most cost-effective roof is designed to last for 20-25 years. It doesn’t make much sense to install a pipe boot that will have to be replaced twice throughout the life of the roof system.

The Solution
These copper pipes were hand-made, locked, and soldered on the backside. Afterwards they were soldered to a copper base for complete watertightness. These can be expected to last over 75 years. Another good material to use is lead. HKC cares about these types of details. We think it’s worth a little extra time to ensure the roof and all it’s details last for the intended timeframe.