Box Gutters Case Study

Mt. Adams, Ohio –

The Problem
When box gutters are neglected the resulting leakage can be devastating.

The Solution
Box gutter restoration work is not uncommon to HKC. In fact, we perform it daily and enjoy it! It’s important to understand how a box gutter is structurally attached to the house and how to rebuild it so it drains properly. This particular box gutter was extremely deteriorated. The sheet metal fascia was the only thing keeping it from falling off of the building. We had to check the framing with string lines and levels to ensure proper drainage. The box was lined with 26 gauge paint-ready galvanized steel. All seams were stitch riveted together and prepared for solder. The seams are not only sweat soldered but also cross solder to provide additional seam strength. Once completed, we applied a DTM (Direct to Metal) paint with great corrosion resistance. Call HKC if you need your box gutters evaluated.