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How Drones Help With Roof Inspections

How Drones Help With Roof Inspections

Regardless of your roof type, one roof maintenance routine for every homeowner or business owner is regular roof inspections. Inspecting your roof helps check for early signs of damage, and rectifying little damages helps prevent serious ones.

However, roof inspections can be daunting, especially for large and complex structures. While inspecting a complex structure can be risky, it can also be expensive. This is where drone inspection comes in.

Inspecting your roof with drones is a modern technology-based roof inspection method. And as a homeowner or business owner, you want to know what this technology offers.

Here we highlight a few benefits of drone roof inspection:

Enhance Safety

Safety is the first thing to put in mind when inspecting your roof. While you are making efforts to inspect your roof and keep it in shape, you don’t want to get injured in the process. But this is not promised with the conventional method of roof inspection.

The conventional method of inspection requires climbing up to the rooftop to inspect the roof, which comes with a high risk of hazard. The concern is higher in complex designs with great heights. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself with a drone.

Detailed Data

When inspecting your roof traditionally, one challenge you will face is inspecting hard-to-reach areas. These areas are hard to reach and might not get the needed inspection, resulting in incomplete data.

You can inspect your roof with accurate, precise data with a drone-based roof inspection. Plus, thanks to the inbuilt GPS, drones can capture images and videos during the inspection process, aiding further data.

Faster Job

Another upside to drone roof inspection is that you can inspect your roof faster. The traditional method of inspecting roofs requires extensive planning to execute the job. This is not so with drones, and you can complete an inspection within a shorter time than it would take with the traditional method. Plus, the traditional method demands that the collected data be combined to produce a report.

Low Cost

Another great reason to consider drone-based roof inspection is the low cost. Inspecting your roof using a drone is cheaper than the old labor-based inspection, as it doesn’t require the transportation of ladders, scaffolding, and lifts. Plus, since drones require less labor, they cut down the labor and equipment costs.

This ultimately results in faster job completion, and multiple inspections can be performed in a day with enough drones and pilots.


With these listed benefits, it is convincing enough that harnessing drones for roof inspection is a great way to go.

Are you planning to inspect your roof using drones but don’t know how to go about it? If so, we are glad to announce that HKC has certified drone pilots to inspect your roof.

At HKC Roofing, our members are equipped with FFA regulations and are ready to inspect your roof using the new technology.  Contact us today.

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