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Harnessing Drone Technology

Cincinnati Roof Repair

By now, most people have some experience with drones. Whether you’ve seen their panoramic aerial footage or witnessed kids getting them stuck in trees, it’s easy to think of drones as fancy toys. Fortunately for many businesses like ours, drones also have the capability to become valuable assets in how we do our jobs. Our line of work is uniquely suited to take advantage of drone technology. Drones can remotely inspect roofs, allowing us to inspect homes quickly and safely.

Commercial drone operation is several steps above playing with a toy airplane. The ability to successfully pilot the drone while being mindful of aerial obstacles, other aircraft, and people on the ground requires a high level of skill. In fact, FAA certification is required to fly drones commercially. HKC is proud to announce that several of our team members have been working hard, practicing and studying FAA regulations, and have recently become fully certified to fly drones commercially. We look forward to using this exciting technology in the future so that we can better deliver the accurate, timely, and safe work that you’ve come to expect from us.

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