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Dealing with the Dog Days

Dealing with the Dog Days

This has been a hot summer in the tri-state. Most of us have sought shelter in the cool air conditioning or parked out by the pool. Homeowners have waited until the evening to mow their lawns and shied away from mid-day golf rounds.

HKC roofers, however, have had no such reprieve from the heat. A good roof is one that provides an insulating barrier that protects your home from the weather. This includes absorbing heat and releasing it back into the air. This makes rooftops a particularly hot place in the summer. Roofers are afforded zero shade as the sun’s heat is blasted right back at them. On a 90-degree day (which has been common this summer), a standard black roof can reach up to 200 degrees, more than enough to severely burn the skin.

Much of the time, roofers are removing old asphalt roofs that include embedded fiberglass. The removal process creates a large amount of dust and debris. It is a dirty and uncomfortable work environment in any weather. In extreme heat and humidity, the conditions can be nearly unbearable.

HKC crew members take pride in what they do. That does not mean that it is always easy. We appreciate their perseverance during these dog days of summer. Keep up the good work and try to stay cool. Summer will not last forever!