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Women in Roofing

Women In Roofing Understandably, roofing has long been assumed to be a male-dominated trade. The truth is that women have made and continue to make big contributions to the roofing...

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Volatile Costs in A Shifting Economy

Construction of any kind relies on a complex web of materials, people, and time. When the availability of any of these factors shifts, there is bound to be a ripple...

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Grand Manor Shingles add Beauty

In todays crowded market of asphalt shingle manufacturers, you can get nearly any color or style shingle your heart desires. Most of the shingle roofs being installed today look very...

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Summertime Means School Projects are Underway

The summer months provide a much-needed break in the school year, not only for the students but also for contractors needing to complete restoration projects. This summer, HKC Roofing is...

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Why Synthetic “Slate” Is Destroying an Industry

by Tom Stortz | Apr 26, 2018 | Education | 5 comments A little less than a year ago we wrote a post (great comments by the way) that explained how...

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Design Challenge Causes Long-Term Leak

In our line of work we come across difficult construction details on an almost daily basis. Whether it's a DIY job gone bad or a design professional who overlooked a...

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Tax Changes: Time for Roof Renovation

Successfully marketing and selling a product is just one part of running a business. Companies, and the decisions that they make, are based on a variety of factors. No business...

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Commercial Roof Training – Firestone

At HKC Roofing we install and service nearly every type of roof system, whether it's commercial, industrial, historical or residential. One area that continues to innovate and change at a...

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Better Buisness Review – HKC Roofing

BBB Review Received HKC went above and beyond my expectations to complete my complicated roofing job. My home was constructed in 1908 and has its original slate roof, with the...

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Custom Sheet Metal Solves Longterm Leaking

This small roof connects a house to what was originally a detached garage. It had a commercial roof membrane installed to protect it but the low slope design and lack...

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