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Benefits of Natural Slate Over Synthetic Slate

The kind of slate you use for your home has a lot to do with its look. Apart from protecting your home from the weather, the view of your roof...

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How Long Do CertainTeed Landmark Shingles Last?

There are various brands of roofing shingles in the market, with different capabilities and price points. And for one who's not experienced, it might be difficult to choose one. CertainTeed...

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3 Steps to Help Maintain Your Slate Roof

If you have just moved into a home with a slate roof, one question you want to ask is about how to maintain your slate roof. Maintaining your roof helps...

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How to Prevent Ponding on Your Roof

Water accumulation is prevalent on flat roofs, which doesn’t mean well for your roof health. It results in different issues, such as organic debris buildup and plant growth on the...

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Synthetic Slate Vs. Natural Slate – Which is Best

Roofing is one of the most critical components of any building structure, and it plays a significant role in the overall aesthetic and functionality of the building. Among the various...

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Why You Should Choose CertainTeed Grand Manor Shingles

The world is evolving, and so is the roofing industry. While your roof is to protect your head, modern roofs do more than just that. Today, a roof also contributes...

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How Best To Clean A Slate Roof

Natural Slate roofs have many benefits, but enjoying these benefits depends on how much care your roof receives. Natural slate can last many years, but they do require adequate maintenance,...

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How Drones Help With Roof Inspections

Regardless of your roof type, one roof maintenance routine for every homeowner or business owner is regular roof inspections. Inspecting your roof helps check for early signs of damage, and...

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The Top 3 Most Amazing Benefits Of Rooftop Living

Although the major purpose of a roof is to cover the home, modern roofs do more than that. While a modern roof adds to the aesthetic value of a home,...

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How To Insulate A Cape Cod Home

Cape Cod-style homes are not just for our East Coast friends. Drive around Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky, and you're sure to find this traditional architecture right in your backyard....

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