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Benefits of Natural Slate Over Synthetic Slate

Benefits of Natural Slate Over Synthetic Slate

The kind of slate you use for your home has a lot to do with its look. Apart from protecting your home from the weather, the view of your roof adds more beauty to your home. When shopping for a new slate, deciding whether to choose natural or synthetic slate is complicated. The outcomes of picking the wrong slate are not good compared to picking the right one.

Natural slates are made from natural stones like quartz, mica, chlorite, and many others and have been around for a long time. However, synthetic options are also in high demand. Synthetic slates are made from recycled materials such as plastic, polymers, rubber fiberglass, and recycled paper. The materials used in manufacturing natural slates have more to offer than synthetic slates.

To get a better understanding, here are some benefits of natural slates over synthetic slates:


One of the benefits of opting for natural slates over synthetic slates is that natural slates are durable. They tend to last for many years, saving you the cost of re-roofing after a few years.

Natural slates are stronger than synthetic slates because they can tolerate all weather conditions, be it rain, sun, or heavy snowfall. Natural slates can last about seventy to a hundred years, while synthetic slates can only last fifty years. Plus, the Maintenance and repair of natural slates throughout their lifetime are very cheap.


Another benefit of natural slates over synthetic slates is that they are fire-resistant. You don’t want your house to catch fire, and the likelihood of your house being engulfed in fire is thin with natural slates.

Natural slates are fire-proof, so your roof will be protected if there is a fire. However, synthetic slates are not as fire-proof as natural slates.

Unique Appearance

Investing in a slate roof is great, as its great appearance is a plus to the overall charm of your home or business. Installing a natural slate roof by a professional roofing contractor like HKC creates a look you can hardly come by on homes with other roof types.

Thus, if you want to refurbish or build a new structure with an outstanding appearance on the block, you want to opt for a natural slate. Due to their unique look, natural slates make homes and businesses stand out. Undoubtedly, synthetic slates are also beautiful but don’t come close to natural slate roofs under this category.


When choosing a roof that befits your property, you also want to choose something suitable for our planet. The manufacturing processes of natural slate involve less carbon emission than synthetic slate production. Natural slate is a roofing material to recycle and reuse.

They can be restored and used on garden routes and driveways. Since they are not deposited in trash yards at the end of their lifetime, natural slates have insignificant negative impacts on the environment.

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