Thanks to our Great Employees!

We recently wanted to find a way to say thanks to all our great employees. We found something everyone could enjoy and decided to build this awesome lunch pavilion! We designed this timber framed pavilion in-house and of course, we had to make sure it had a sweet roof! Now there’s a quiet spot for everyone to take a break throughout the day.    

Clean your slate roof!

Recently, our team finished a slate restoration project and upon completion we cleaned the roof. Take a look at what a difference it made. HKC can clean your slate or tile roof to give your house a fresh look! Give us a call today.

We are growing!

Snow Removal for Roofs

“Tumble down shack in Bigfoot County. Snowed so hard that the roof caved in.”
~ Brown-Eyed Women,
Robert Hunter

In this tragic song, a huge blizzard destroys a home, permanently scarring the family who lived there. While modern buildings are much better suited to withstand heavy weather, snow and ice can still do considerable damage. Snow buildup can be particularly heavy. This can be problematic on flat commercial roofs. In addition to sheer accumulation, the cycles of thawing and refreezing can produce ice dams that can do considerable damage to roofs and gutter systems.



Significant amounts of snow and ice should be cleared away in order to preserve the integrity of the roof system. This is easier said than done. A snowy roof is a dangerous place. Great care must be taken to be up there, even in favorable conditions. Roofs are also easy to damage. Those clearing roofs must be mindful of construction features and critical areas in order to complete the job successfully and without damage.

At HKC, we know how roofs are put together and how to navigate them. Our technicians are familiar with rooftops and have the awareness and the equipment needed to remove snow safely and effectively. Winter has made her presence known in the Tri-State this year. The next time an arctic blast hits, call HKC and ensure the integrity of your roof system.

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Harnessing Drone Technology

By now, most people have some experience with drones. Whether you’ve seen their panoramic aerial footage or witnessed kids getting them stuck in trees, it’s easy to think of drones as fancy toys. Fortunately for many businesses like ours, drones also have the capability to become valuable assets in how we do our jobs. Our line of work is uniquely suited to take advantage of drone technology. Drones can remotely inspect roofs, allowing us to inspect homes quickly and safely.



Commercial drone operation is several steps above playing with a toy airplane. The ability to successfully pilot the drone while being mindful of aerial obstacles, other aircraft, and people on the ground requires a high level of skill. In fact, FAA certification is required to fly drones commercially. HKC is proud to announce that several of our team members have been working hard, practicing and studying FAA regulations, and have recently become fully certified to fly drones commercially. We look forward to using this exciting technology in the future so that we can better deliver the accurate, timely, and safe work that you’ve come to expect from us.

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Winter Preparation

Recent mornings of frosted lawns and chilly temperatures are a reminder that winter is on its way to the Tri-State. Before the weather forces us indoors for the season, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the cold months.

Your roof and gutters are easy to forget about, especially if they seem to be intact and working properly. The problem is that sticks, debris, and especially leaves on your roof and in your gutters can set the stage for considerable winter damage if not removed in a timely fashion.



Gutters collect and remove water from your roof. When they become blocked, they retain water, which can freeze. When ice forms, it expands and can deform or destroy gutters, downspouts, and other roof elements.

Once a gutter system is compromised, there can be a cascade effect where roof problems pile up. Bent or warped gutters allow more water and debris to be trapped, causing further stress and damage. In extreme cases, you may not even realize there’s a problem until visible water damage to your home’s interior appears. At that point, you’re staring down costly repairs that could have been avoided with routine cleaning.

Clearing gutters in preparation for winter can be tedious, but it’s very important. When the leaves come down, be sure to service your gutters and avoid winter surprises of expensive and disruptive roof damage.

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Dealing with the Dog Days

This has been a hot summer in the tri-state. Most of us have sought shelter in the cool air conditioning or parked out by the pool. Homeowners have waited until the evening to mow their lawns and shied away from mid-day golf rounds.

HKC roofers, however, have had no such reprieve from the heat. A good roof is one that provides an insulating barrier that protects your home from the weather. This includes absorbing heat and releasing it back into the air. This makes rooftops a particularly hot place in the summer. Roofers are afforded zero shade as the sun’s heat is blasted right back at them. On a 90-degree day (which has been common this summer), a standard black roof can reach up to 200 degrees, more than enough to severely burn the skin.

Much of the time, roofers are removing old asphalt roofs that include embedded fiberglass. The removal process creates a large amount of dust and debris. It is a dirty and uncomfortable work environment in any weather. In extreme heat and humidity, the conditions can be nearly unbearable.

HKC crew members take pride in what they do. That does not mean that it is always easy. We appreciate their perseverance during these dog days of summer. Keep up the good work and try to stay cool. Summer will not last forever!

Education in Sheet Metal Design

HKC Roofing and it’s staff of skilled technicians continue to educate themselves in advanced sheet metal seaming. These roof systems focus on pleated valleys and folded seams to make them permanently watertight. These traditional methods of fabrication do not require caulking, sealing or soldering of the metal roof pans. At HKC, we consider these “permanent” roofs, distinguished as the highest quality metal roof available in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about traditional metal roof design and installation.

Rooftop Living

Roofs are primarily functional structures that offer protection and conserve energy. A recent trend, however, especially with the rise of urban living, has been roofs as outdoor living spaces.

In both remodeled historic buildings as well as modern condo complexes, rooftop living maximizes available space. Where outdoor green spaces are nonexistent, rooftop patios make the most of the entire property while providing an elevated view of the surrounding neighborhood.

From this perch, you can entertain friends and family as you cook out or just relax and enjoy a nice summer evening. These spaces also provide space for living landscaping and even gardens. A fully utilized roof allows you to enjoy suburban amenities in the heart of the city.

New technology in roofing materials is responsible for rooftops’ newfound usability. Unlike heavy traditional stone pavers, roofing paver stones are typically made of a composite material. At HKC, the roof pavers we use consist of 95% recycled rubber or plastic. These repurposed materials result in paver stones that are only one-third the weight of traditional stones or bricks.

Roofs can be more than just an essential part of your house. If you have a rooftop that could potentially be used as a living space, HKC would love to help you flesh out the necessary details.

Spring Storms Take Their Toll

Over the past month, tri-state families have found themselves heading to their basements more than once due to high winds. While it’s comforting to know that tornado detection technology has come so far, it’s still a bit unsettling.

Spring is the season for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. While we have fortunately been spared dramatic property loss, there has been plenty of weather-related damage. High winds routinely knock down trees, rip off roofing, and inflict various other forms of destruction on tri-state homes and businesses. Spring storms can produce sizable hail that can seriously damage roofs, siding, and window fixtures.

At HKC, we know that storm repair needs to be prompt and thorough. Our team has years of experience and will assess and repair your home in a timely fashion. We also have experience working with insurance companies to ensure that your out-of-pocket expense is minimized or eliminated.