HKC Roofing Attends 2015 IRE

This year the International Roofing Exposition was held in New Orleans, LA and featured three days of educational classes presented by industry leaders. The Expo drew more than 9,000 people, spreading over 52 countries. The massive convention center showcased hundreds of the industry’s leading material and equipment suppliers, as well as vendors presenting the latest technologies for estimating, marketing and managing everyday business. We found the show to be very educational; having taken advantage of the multiple classes offered each day. We listened to experts from Firestone share updates on single-ply commercial roofing and considerations to take when selecting your insulation and cover boards for these systems. We look forward to implementing both the marketing strategies and the technical updates we received at the conference.

HKC Roofing participated at the SRCA’s (Slate Roofing Contractors Association) booth where they unveiled their Slate Installation 100 Level training class. An SRCA board member, Chris Paulin, installed slate on a mock-roof to allow fellow contractors to see the material being installed. There was a lot of interest from contractors around the country to get involved in the SRCA. The association had a members meeting for the purpose of re-electing two board members. The meeting was held at the Desi Vega Steak House at 628 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA. A short member meeting followed, discussing the implementation of the new Slate Installation 100 Level training class. It was a pleasure to take part in the discussions and learn of the new training opportunities available through the SRCA.

Cornice Restoration

There was a point in time, around the turn of the century, when every building was designed with unique custom details. Proud and skilled craftsmen poured their all into constructing buildings that would stand the test of time, and shine in a magnificent light during their tenure. In Cincinnati, these buildings can be found in the historic areas of town, such as Over-the-Rhine, Mt. Adams, Walnut Hills, and East Price Hill just to name a few. The architecture in these areas all have one thing in common, custom cornice work decorating the uppermost elevation of the building. This decorative detail was almost always made by hand, fabricated with sheet metal, and in some cases it was made from wood. Fortunately for Cincinnati, many of these old buildings are still standing and as revitalization takes place in each of these neighborhoods it’s especially important to have someone who can restore these historic cornices to their original beauty. Due to the age of the sheet metal it’s common for areas to be heavily rusted or damaged from a past storm. That’s where HKC Roofing comes in; we can remove these damaged areas and hand-fabricate matching cornice pieces to be installed. It’s not typical to replace the entire run of cornice. Again, repairs and proper patching can be completed in a manner to cleanup the sheet metal. Once complete, the sheet metal can be prepped and painted with a high quality acrylic paint to make the cornice look as good as new. It’s amazing how a properly restored cornice can make an old building shine again. Below are a few pictures of some cornice work we recently completed in downtown, Cincinnati.

HKC Roofing Builds Roof-Training Facility

The roofing industry today has found itself in quite a predicament. Almost all of the skilled tradesmen have either past away or now are reaching retirement, leaving behind a young and typically unskilled work force. In addition, asphalt shingles have taken over the steep slope roofing market as an inexpensive and easily installed roofing product. It should be fair to say that 95% of roofing contractors today are not really roofing contractors but rather, are asphalt shingle installers. Their knowledge doesn’t go any further than asphalt shingles and ice guard underlayment because that’s what the market is demanding. The men who once specialized in slate, tile, and an array of sheet metal products were no longer able to put their skills to use. Therefore, a lot of the highly skilled craftsmanship has been lost, never making it to the next generation of roofers. At HKC Roofing, we truly are different from the majority of roofing contractors. We strive to find those clients who need skilled craftsmen to restore their home or building to its original charm. We are passionate about adhering to the exact techniques used by the original installer to ensure a long-term and watertight system. This is not to say that we don’t perform asphalt shingle work. Asphalt shingles are still the majority of our steep-slope roofing portfolio. But in order to complete traditional roofing methods we need skilled workers who understand the processes. That’s why we’ve built an in-house training facility with nearly every detail we run into on a steep slope roof application, including historic built-in gutters. This has allowed us to not only to train our workers on asphalt shingles, but also on slate, tile, cedar shake and numerous metal roof systems. This also makes for a nice mock-up when clients would like to see what the new roof is going to look like. In addition, we use the facility to practice fall-prevention safety practices to better educate our staff on the dangers presented in the field and how to avoid such hazards. This is just one more way that HKC strives stays committed to quality and safety through training.

HKC Roofing Invests in New Facility

HKC Roofing recently moved into a new 14,000 office/warehouse. As our business continues to grow we needed more space to accommodate our growing fleet of vehicles and large amount of equipment and supplies. Our new space includes brand new offices for our staff, a state-of-the-art sheet metal shop and a complete roof-training facility.

HKC Roofing Participates in Local Food Drive

February marks the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association’s annual food drive for local pantries. Last week, HKC Roofing and other local volunteers took park in organizing and distributing over $15,000 worth of food. In addition, $4,000 worth of hygiene products were purchased and distributed according to individual pantry needs. The money used to purchase these items was raised solely by the Apartment Association’s Outreach Program. Over 20 local pantries will benefit from these items during these tough winter months. As the food was delivered to the local pantries everyone involved could see how depleted the pantries stock had become. It couldn’t have been a better time to get this food to local families. We were so grateful to be a part of the process.

HKC Roofing Tours the Ludowici Roof Tile Plant

New Lexington, Ohio –

A group from HKC Roofing set off on a trip to tour the Ludowici roof tile plant in New Lexington, Ohio. Ludowici is the name to know in the tile roofing industry, their manufacturing history dates back over 400 years in Rome, Italy. They moved to Germany as the European market expanded, changing their name from Ludovisi (Italian name) to the Germanized Ludowici. In 1888, the Ludowici family moved to Chicago to begin manufacturing their tile. Shortly thereafter in the early 1900’s, the final move was made to New Lexington, Ohio where they consolidated their operations onto a single facility, using local clay to make their tiles. Today, they have the ability to produce over 36,000 unique profiles. In addition to manufacturing tile for new construction, a large part of their business is replicating tiles for restoration projects where the roof is over 100 years old.

The Ludowici tile company employs state-of-the-art equipment and processes to achieve the highest quality products in the industry. Their experts can create nearly any color or profile that a client can dream up. While we were touring their facility the Ludowici staff showed us a mock-up of a flat-tile that resembled 24 karat gold. Just like all of their products, they guarantee their colors for 75 years. This lengthy warranty is largely due to their unique process in which the clay is fired. Another key to their successful tile is it’s extremely low water absorption characteristics which allows for the tile to perform exceptionally well in both hot and cold climates. The proven quality and durability of Ludowici tile is showcased on old buildings at the plant that were originally installed in 1888.

At HKC Roofing we purchase and reclaim old tile on a regular basis, adding to our ever-growing inventory. We pride ourselves on having the ability to repair and restore these exceptional roofs. Tile roofs are some of the most sustainable, fireproof and durable roofs in the world!


HKC Roofing Attends the 62nd International Federation of Roofing Trades Congress

Bucharest, Romania –

The International Federation for the Roofing Trades held its 62nd annual Congress in Bucharest, Romania this year. A 3-day World Championship for Young Roofers was made up of 21 European countries showcasing each respective countries most skilled roofing tradesmen. The competition included low-slope (Modified and Thermoplastic) and steep slope metal and tile roofing. It was educational to see the worlds best roofers utilizing traditional techniques when practicing their trade. In addition, the congress met on many different topics, ranging from incorporating energy efficiency into the roof system to providing updates on today’s world roofing market.

Seven people attended it from the USA, including the SRCA (Slate Roofing Contractors Association) executive director, Joe Jenkins and guest Julie Palmer, board member Nick Price and his wife Melissa, board member John Mahan and his wife Sarah, and SRCA member Henry Mitchell with HKC Roofing. As HKC continues to push to be Cincinnati’s elite roofing contractor we are constantly investing in education and hands on training.



HKC Roofing Invests in State of the Art Equipment

Cincinnati, Ohio –

HKC recently purchased a Roper Whitney Shear and Automated Press Brake. The Auto-Brake has the industries leading technology with a touch screen computer to drag and draw parts instantaneously. This is just one of many new additions to the company in an effort to increase quality and productivity. Our investment in cutting edge tools provides us the opportunity to meet our goals of returning to traditional roofing methods and providing our customers with unmatched quality at a fair price. There’s no better machine than the Auto-Brake when fabricating large quantities of custom sheet metal or historical cornice and trim details.IMG_4107

HKC Roofing Attends the National Slate Associations Fall Conference – Quebec, City

Quebec City, Canada –

HKC Roofing recently attended the National Slate Associations fall conference in Quebec City, Canada. The conference included architects, historic preservationists, slate suppliers and contractors. We took part in round table discussions on improving product specifications within the industry. The SRCA (Slate Roofing Contractors Association) was present at the conference and discussed the implementation of a training program for contractors installing slate roofs. The conference included a tour of the North Country Slate – Glendyne quarry, North America’s largest slate producing quarry. North Country Slate produces an unfading black slate that’s regarded as some of the best quality slate available. It was a great experience for HKC’s Henry Mitchell and Ed Stinson to learn about slate roofing production and industry updates. Conversing with some of the industries leading professionals will no doubt benefit our roof restoration team in Cincinnati.

We look forward to applying this to our local market when inspecting, repairing and restoring historic slate roofs.


Flat-Lock Copper Case Study

Flat roofs are the most difficult roofs to maintain long-term watertightness. When installing a flat roof there are many options available to you but not all are created equal.  There’s no better option than the flat-lock copper roof. The system starts with #30 felt underlayment. Then a rosin building paper is installed. It prevents the felt underlayment from melting and sticking to the metal during the soldering. This promotes expansion and contraction over the life of the roof. Once all the seams are soldered, this roof will be watertight even if it were completely flooded. Due to the relatively high cost of installing a copper flat-lock roof, it’s often utilized on smaller areas. It’s a great solution for walk-out porches, bay windows, and dead valleys. HKC Roofing has the skilled technicians to install your flat-lock project.