2016 Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

The 2016 Cincinnati Home and Garden Show is under way. Stop down and see us at our booth!

Sheet Metal Roofing Training Course

We sent several of our foremen to an advanced training course on sheet metal roofing and sheet metal seaming methods. These roofing methods date back centuries and have proven to be the most practical for longterm waterproofing. We’re proud of our guys for their willingness to learn and grow within their trade. A huge thanks to our trainer, Lou, for helping us continue to develop our skills!

Cathedral Ceilings Case Study

As winter sets in and we deal with snow and ice on a regular basis, consider how this affects your house. This case study, written by Craig Frondorf, explains how heat loss through various components in your house can lead to issues. This helps to explain why your home may be experiencing ice dams, mold or wood deterioration caused by heat loss.


Ornamental Copper Fixtures Work

It was too cold to work on roofs today so we’re catching up on some ornamental work! We have (8) of these ornamental copper fixtures to make for a 20 story building in Cincinnati, Ohio. The old metal pieces were destroyed over the years so the owners decided to replace them. Our technician, Arturo, did an excellent job recreating these beautiful works of art!

Salvaging Over 5000 Sq. Ft. of Vermont Purple and Green Slate

We’re back at it again…. salvaging over 5000 Sq. Ft. of Vermont purple and green slate. This building is set to be demolished to make way for new student housing in Clifton, OH. The slate is only 5 years and will make an exceptional roof for one of our clients!

Restoring Slate Roof and Yankee Gutters

HKC Roofing is restoring the slate roof and yankee gutters on this home in Fort Thomas, KY. More pictures to come of this beautiful restoration!

Protect Your Slate Roof From Ice Dams

Henry Mitchell of HKC Roofing in Cincinnati, Ohio, shows a method where the eaves on a slate roof can be fortified by increasing the headlap. This involves removing the slates along the eaves, then reslating the eaves with an extra course or two to be able to increase the headlap. Here the three inch headlap has been increased to five inches. This helps prevent water penetration during ice damming conditions.

How to find the RIGHT Roofing Contractor for your project!

When it comes time for you to find a roofing contractor to work on your home or business it’s imperative to find the RIGHT contractor for the project. In Cincinnati alone, there are over 400 roofing contractors listed in the Yellow Pages and another 100+ that are not registered anywhere. This can make it extremely difficult for owners to wade through an overwhelming amount of companies and compare them accordingly. So what should you be looking for? Let’s assume you’re starting with an online search of roofing companies in your area. This is how most people begin their search if they don’t already know a roofing company or have a good reference. Most search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. all have paid Ads at the top of the page. Be leery of these companies, as they don’t necessarily have to be qualified, have a good reputation or the right skills for your search. They are only there because they are paying money to be listed on the top of the page. Many times you can identify these guys by the Ad logo next to their listing.

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New Delhi Ohio Roof

We just completed this roof in Delhi, Ohio! Looks fantastic! It’s not too late to get your roofing work done this year. Call before it’s too late!

New Roof in Roselawn, Ohio

We’re installing a new roof in Roselawn, Ohio. This homeowner will be safe and sound for the next 30+, thanks to this new Certainteed Landmark Pro roof system!