Custom Sheet Metal Solves Longterm Leaking

This small roof connects a house to what was originally a detached garage. It had a commercial roof membrane installed to protect it but the low slope design and lack of adequate drainage caused water to back up and leak through, damaging the wood structure. Our crew removed the old roof, repaired the damaged wood, installed a self-adhered ice and water protective underlayment, a slip sheet and double-lock standing seam roof panels to solve the issue. Once the new sheet metal roof was installed, we soldered all seams to make them completely watertight. This will provide a watertight solution for this home owner for many years to come. All fabrication work was done onsite using hand tools. The fit and finish of the workmanship is exceptional. Congrats to Arturo and Victor for another job well done!


HKC Roofing – Featured Project

Check out this exciting article on WCPO, we recently completed this project in Newport, KY! The project included a natural slate roof restoration, copper built-in gutters, numerous copper sheet metal details and rebuilding two porches. The home is now in the running for several historic restoration awards. The owner has done a tremendous job restoring this beautiful house, paying special attention to the original details. We’re proud, to say the least, that we were chosen to complete the work!

NKY historic buildings: 5 cities, none far from Downtown Cincinnati, are popular among millennials and empty-nesters alike


NSA Fall Conference

The National Slate Association’s Fall Conference was held in Ithaca, New York, on Cornell University’s campus. The event was well attended, including HKC Roofing’s own, Ed Stinson and Henry Mitchell. The goal was to further their knowledge of slate and the practices of traditional roofing. The conference included a walking tour of Cornell University and the many building preservation projects they’ve completed. Many of the historic buildings have had the slate roofs replaced with new slate. We were really impressed by the varying types of slate used to cover the buildings. The slate included Vermont Black, Vermont Semi-Weathering Green, Vermont Mottled Purple, Vermont Unfading Green, Vermont Unfading Purple, North Country Black (Canadian), New York Red, Chapman, Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Black. We found many of the projects utilizing lead-coated copper as the flashing material. While lead is an unpopular material, the lead coated copper has a very long life which is desirable when working with slate. At the end of our walking tour there was a demonstration on a PAUS mobile crane. We attended several workshops that covered topics from “Synthetic Slate vs Natural Slate” to “Architectural Copper Sheet Metal”. The NSA awarded John Chan, the current President, for his many years of service to the association and the slate industry.

Ithaca proved to be a welcoming town, we had several dinners and social gatherings with the other attending guests. The event proved to be very valuable.





Employee Training

Employee training is the most important component to a successful business plan and often times is the most overlooked. We recognized early on that our employees hold the key to our quality and overall success. That’s why we continue to invest in training and education. The roofing industry is constantly changing, pushing the limits of technology and the discovery of new building materials. The only way to keep up is to stay educated, we do this with a combination of in-class and hands-on courses. Last week, we spent a day with Carlisle SynTec Systems, a worldwide leader in commercial roofing and waterproofing systems. This course provided continued education to a group of estimators and focused on the latest changes to EPDM (rubber) roof systems. These roof systems have been around for over 30 years, yet they continue to change and improve as new products are developed. Carlisle is on the leading edge of using manufacturing technologies to produce products that increase labor savings while achieving higher quality finished roofs.

We had an unexpected guest (Squirrel) show up to our training, he proved to be more agile than even our most seasoned roofers!

Commercial Roofing Project

HKC Commercial Roof Project –  Right now we are working on replacing a roof system on a 20 story high-rise building. This includes the complete removal of the existing (2) roof systems, down to the concrete deck. The new roof system is a Carlisle Fleece-Back EPDM and will include a manufacturers 20-year, full-system warranty. A “pull-test” was performed to ensure the new roof system will hold up to the specified wind design loads. It’s a great view of Cincinnati from this elevation!

Thanks to our Customers

Check out our recent customer appreciation letter! Thanks so much to our client, Jay Bookout, who took the time to write us this letter. We are proud to have served you and there’s no better feeling that to have all our efforts reaffirmed by a satisfied client.

Ornamental Slate Inscription

A couple years ago we salvaged a green and purple Vermont slate, from a chapel in Mt. Adams. The church was built in 1900 and the slate was still in good condition. We ended up using the salvaged slate to make a new roof on a home in Clifton, Ohio. As a gift to the original client, we used the leftover pieces to create an ornamental slate gift. We did this by using traditional inscription methods to spell out the clients name, “Towne”. The inscription contains over 750 individual pieces of slate and weighs nearly 250 pounds. Slate inscriptions can still be found on old barns across the midwest and northeast, they most commonly note the year they were built or the familys surname.

Restored Slate Front Porch

We did an amazing job at this recent restored slate front porch. This included a new slate roof, copper box gutters, finials and a hand-made copper crest.

Cloisters Community New Metal Roof

The Cloisters community was built in 1970 and is situated in Mt. Adams, and HKC had the privilege to recently complete it’s new metal roof! The Frank-Lloyd Wright, style of architecture, is best displayed through it’s many roof lines and complex angles, allowing for some of the best river views in the city. To top it off, the entire structure is built on telephone poles!

Our work included removing the old, orange metal roof before installing a new batten-seam metal roof system. This roof was fabricated 100% in-house, using 24 gauge sheet metal. All of the panels were primed on the underside before shipping to the job site. This additional step was done to ensure maximum longevity, once installed. All details were hand-fabricated and soldered. The client selected a traditional, “Tinners-Red” paint color to finish the project. This project took a total of 8 months to complete.

Hail Damaged Bay Windows

We have a lot of projects that include insurance claims for hail damage. With this project it was just another day, another bay…. window! We replaced this hail-damaged bay window in Villa Hills, KY. These types of bay windows are particularly difficult due to the concave design and having three sides. Its pleasing to the eye as all three sides blend together and become one roof. Call HKC Roofing for all your Northern Kentucky roofing needs!