Thanks to our Great Employees!

We recently wanted to find a way to say thanks to all our great employees. We found something everyone could enjoy and decided to build this awesome lunch pavilion! We designed this timber framed pavilion in-house and of course, we had to make sure...... Read More

Clean your slate roof!

Recently, our team finished a slate restoration project and upon completion we cleaned the roof. Take a look at what a difference it made. HKC can clean your slate or tile roof to give your house a fresh look! Give us a call today. ... Read More

We are growing!

HKC has been busy lately! Not only have we kept our schedule full of roofing projects, but we have also expanded our Wiehe Rd. facility. More space means more flexibility when it comes...... Read More

Snow Removal for Roofs

“Tumble down shack in Bigfoot County. Snowed so hard that the roof caved in.” ~ Brown-Eyed Women, Robert Hunter In this tragic song, a huge blizzard destroys a home, permanently scarring the family who lived there. While modern buildings are much...... Read More

Harnessing Drone Technology

By now, most people have some experience with drones. Whether you’ve seen their panoramic aerial footage or witnessed kids getting them stuck in trees, it’s easy to think of drones as fancy toys. Fortunately for many businesses like ours,...... Read More

Winter Preparation

Recent mornings of frosted lawns and chilly temperatures are a reminder that winter is on its way to the Tri-State. Before the weather forces us indoors for the season, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the cold months. Your...... Read More

Dealing with the Dog Days

This has been a hot summer in the tri-state. Most of us have sought shelter in the cool air conditioning or parked out by the pool. Homeowners have waited until the evening to mow their lawns and shied away from mid-day golf rounds. HKC roofers,...... Read More

Education in Sheet Metal Design

HKC Roofing and it’s staff of skilled technicians continue to educate themselves in advanced sheet metal seaming. These roof systems focus on pleated valleys and folded seams to make them permanently watertight. These traditional methods of...... Read More

Rooftop Living

Roofs are primarily functional structures that offer protection and conserve energy. A recent trend, however, especially with the rise of urban living, has been roofs as outdoor living spaces. In both remodeled historic buildings as...... Read More

Spring Storms Take Their Toll

Over the past month, tri-state families have found themselves heading to their basements more than once due to high winds. While it’s comforting to know that tornado detection technology has come so far, it’s still a bit unsettling....... Read More

We Make Them Like They Used To

To many, roofing may seem like a necessary (if not dull) aspect of modern life. In reality, roof fabrication and installation is an age-old craft that has been practiced as long as there have been buildings. In 2020, HKC is launching a new training...... Read More

French Second Empire Mansard Restoration

HKC is honored to have been chosen to renovate the mansard of this late 1800’s, French Second Empire home, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our craftsman diligently disassembled the existing conditions, performed restoration work to the built-in gutter,...... Read More

HKC Invests in Traditional Seaming Training

HKC is proud to announce we’re investing in intensive metalcraft training for several of our lead crew members. Metal roofs nowadays are designed to have the “look” of traditional standing seam without actually accomplishing the...... Read More

National Slate Association - Featured Project

Prince of Peace Church HKC Roofing restored the 160’ tall church steeple using natural quarried slate and copper sheet metal, though, much of the tin cladding was replaced with modern galvanized sheet metal and painted....... Read More

Sustainable Roofing Practices

Sustainable Roofing Practices At HKC, we believe that delivering world class roofs is only part of what makes us an industry leader. We also value responsible roofing practices that seek to minimize the amount of waste that we...... Read More

Church Steeple Restoration

Just like many old structures in the United State, the Prince of Peace church steeple had fallen into a state of disrepair. Due to difficult access and years of neglected maintenance, the steeple began to lean. The wood suffered structural...... Read More

Natural Slate Roof - Professionally Installed

HKC Roofing recently completed a natural slate roof installation at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The historic building’s old slate roof failed after nearly a century of use. We installed new slate with copper flashings. Other materials like...... Read More

Flat-Lock Copper Fails Prematurely

In this example of a copper sheet metal valley, we’re going to review a couple critical mistakes made during the installation and what steps should be taken to avoid premature failure of copper sheet metal. To begin, the maximum size...... Read More

Nordic Steel Gutters

HKC Roofing announces its newest gutter product line, Nordic Steel Gutters, a European style gutter system. These gutters are manufacturer in Sweden and have been installed for over 70 years in nearly every climate around the globe. The heavy duty...... Read More

Thanks for Another Great Year!

It’s been a real pleasure working with you throughout the past year, and we hope you’ve been satisfied with our services. As always, we appreciate the confidence you’ve placed in our abilities. To keep your confidence, we’re always...... Read More

Rainy Days Disrupt Roofing

As you may have noticed, this year has been a particularly rainy one. We are currently on pace for the wettest year of the past decade. Before it is all said and done, 2018 could be the wettest in the past 20 years. Protecting...... Read More

HKC Roofing Joins Ohio's Drug Free Workplace Program

HKC Roofing has joined the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation’s Drug Free Workplace Program. This added measure will promote a safer workplace for all employees. Employers participating in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s...... Read More

Trained to Be The Best

Taking on a roofing project means taking on a big responsibility. Your roof is your building’s largest feature. Beyond just appearance, your roof protects your home or business and everyone who resides or works there. At...... Read More

Women in Roofing

Women In Roofing Jamie Thiel Understandably, roofing has long been assumed to be a male-dominated trade. The truth is that women have made and continue to make big contributions to the roofing industry. National Women In...... Read More

Volatile Costs in A Shifting Economy

Volatile Costs In A Shifting Economy Construction of any kind relies on a complex web of materials, people, and time. When the availability of any of these factors shifts, there is bound to be a ripple effect that influences...... Read More

Grand Manor Shingles add Beauty

In todays crowded market of asphalt shingle manufacturers, you can get nearly any color or style shingle your heart desires. Most of the shingle roofs being installed today look very similar in design but the Grand Manor shingle manufactured by...... Read More

Summertime Means School Projects are Underway

The summer months provide a much-needed break in the school year, not only for the students but also for contractors needing to complete restoration projects. This summer, HKC Roofing is working at Mason Middle School, where we’re replacing...... Read More

Why Synthetic "Slate" Is Destroying an Industry

by Tom Stortz | Apr 26, 2018 | Education | 5 comments A little less than a year ago we wrote a post (great comments by the way) that explained how the natural slate market was being damaged by the manufacturers of “synthetic slate”...... Read More

Design Challenge Causes Long-Term Leak

In our line of work we come across difficult construction details on an almost daily basis. Whether it’s a DIY job gone bad or a design professional who overlooked a detail, there’s never a shortage of difficult repair jobs and we seem to...... Read More

Tax Changes: Time for Roof Renovation

Successfully marketing and selling a product is just one part of running a business. Companies, and the decisions that they make, are based on a variety of factors. No business operates in a vacuum. Regulations and taxes shape the business...... Read More

Commercial Roof Training - Firestone

At HKC Roofing we install and service nearly every type of roof system, whether it’s commercial, industrial, historical or residential. One area that continues to innovate and change at a break-neck pace is the commercial roofing sector....... Read More

Better Buisness Review - HKC Roofing

BBB Review Received HKC went above and beyond my expectations to complete my complicated roofing job. My home was constructed in 1908 and has its original slate roof, with the exception of the front and rear porches, which were replaced at some...... Read More

Custom Sheet Metal Solves Longterm Leaking

This small roof connects a house to what was originally a detached garage. It had a commercial roof membrane installed to protect it but the low slope design and lack of adequate drainage caused water to back up and leak through, damaging the wood...... Read More

HKC Roofing - Featured Project

Check out this exciting article on WCPO, we recently completed this project in Newport, KY! The project included a natural slate roof restoration, copper built-in gutters, numerous copper sheet metal details and rebuilding two porches. The home is...... Read More

NSA Fall Conference

The National Slate Association’s Fall Conference was held in Ithaca, New York, on Cornell University’s campus. The event was well attended, including HKC Roofing’s own, Ed Stinson and Henry Mitchell. The goal was to further their...... Read More

Employee Training

Employee training is the most important component to a successful business plan and often times is the most overlooked. We recognized early on that our employees hold the key to our quality and overall success. That’s why we continue to invest...... Read More

Commercial Roofing Project

HKC Commercial Roof Project –  Right now we are working on replacing a roof system on a 20 story high-rise building. This includes the complete removal of the existing (2) roof systems, down to the concrete deck. The new roof system is a...... Read More

Thanks to our Customers

Check out our recent customer appreciation letter! Thanks so much to our client, Jay Bookout, who took the time to write us this letter. We are proud to have served you and there’s no better feeling that to have all our efforts reaffirmed by a...... Read More

Ornamental Slate Inscription

A couple years ago we salvaged a green and purple Vermont slate, from a chapel in Mt. Adams. The church was built in 1900 and the slate was still in good condition. We ended up using the salvaged slate to make a new roof on a home in Clifton, Ohio....... Read More

Restored Slate Front Porch

We did an amazing job at this recent restored slate front porch. This included a new slate roof, copper box gutters, finials and a hand-made copper crest. #gallery-5 { margin: auto; } #gallery-5 .gallery-item { float: left; ...... Read More

Cloisters Community New Metal Roof

The Cloisters community was built in 1970 and is situated in Mt. Adams, and HKC had the privilege to recently complete it’s new metal roof! The Frank-Lloyd Wright, style of architecture, is best displayed through it’s many roof lines and...... Read More

Hail Damaged Bay Windows

We have a lot of projects that include insurance claims for hail damage. With this project it was just another day, another bay…. window! We replaced this hail-damaged bay window in Villa Hills, KY. These types of bay windows are particularly...... Read More

Repairing Historic House's Yankee Gutters

One of our favorite honors is taking on repairs for historic homes in the Cincinnati area. In the Waldschmidt House we’re restoring the “Yankee-Gutters”. Here’s a little information on the Waldschmidt House, located at 7567...... Read More

Drone Video of Slate Roof and Box Gutter

Great video of a slate roof and box gutter restoration project we recently completed! ... Read More

Slate Roof and Copper Gutter Repair

Copper gutters make any home look pristine!  Check out this home restoration project underway in Mt. Adams, Ohio, at the old Monastery on St. Paul Place. We are restoring the slate roof, copper built-in gutters and flashings. There will be a lot of...... Read More

Certainteed Landmark Tri-Laminate shingle installation

Hyde Park, Ohio, – Certainteed Landmark Tri-Laminate shingle installation. 50-Year roof system! #gallery-10 { margin: auto; } #gallery-10 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width:...... Read More

Slate restoration in Newport, KY

Slate restoration in Newport, KY is complete. We were able to get some cool pictures from a drone. #gallery-11 { margin: auto; } #gallery-11 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width:...... Read More

Working hard on these hot summer days!

#gallery-12 { margin: auto; } #gallery-12 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-12 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-12 .gallery-caption { ...... Read More

Large Slate Restoration Project

A large slate restoration project, copper built in gutters and sheet metal work at a local church and a completed slate restoration, all in a days work! The year is off to a busy start! #gallery-13 { margin: auto; } #gallery-13...... Read More

Installing 125 Year Old Stained Glass Mosaic

Spent the afternoon helping a homeowner put up a stained glass mosaic that he found hidden behind a wall during our restoration project. The Mosaic is over 125 years old and was never installed on the gable when the house was originally built in the...... Read More

HKC Helps with Childhood Food Solutions

Childhood Food Solutions provides food for children in the 45255 ZIP code. Jamie and Jeff volunteered to make lunch bags for the weekend and also for the upcoming spring break. This ensures that food insecure children will have lunch while...... Read More

Curved Copper Dormer

Curved copper dormer! Our guys made every piece from scratch using old world techniques, including locked and soldered seams. Spring is almost here so give us a call for all your roofing needs. We can efficiently handle minor repairs on your shingle...... Read More

2016 Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

The 2016 Cincinnati Home and Garden Show is under way. Stop down and see us at our booth! #gallery-16 { margin: auto; } #gallery-16 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } ...... Read More

Sheet Metal Roofing Training Course

We sent several of our foremen to an advanced training course on sheet metal roofing and sheet metal seaming methods. These roofing methods date back centuries and have proven to be the most practical for longterm waterproofing. We’re proud of...... Read More

Cathedral Ceilings Case Study

As winter sets in and we deal with snow and ice on a regular basis, consider how this affects your house. This case study, written by Craig Frondorf, explains how heat loss through various components in your house can lead to issues. This helps to...... Read More

Ornamental Copper Fixtures Work

It was too cold to work on roofs today so we’re catching up on some ornamental work! We have (8) of these ornamental copper fixtures to make for a 20 story building in Cincinnati, Ohio. The old metal pieces were destroyed over the years so the...... Read More

Salvaging Over 5000 Sq. Ft. of Vermont Purple and Green Slate

We’re back at it again…. salvaging over 5000 Sq. Ft. of Vermont purple and green slate. This building is set to be demolished to make way for new student housing in Clifton, OH. The slate is only 5 years and will make an exceptional roof...... Read More

Restoring Slate Roof and Yankee Gutters

HKC Roofing is restoring the slate roof and yankee gutters on this home in Fort Thomas, KY. More pictures to come of this beautiful restoration! #gallery-20 { margin: auto; } #gallery-20 .gallery-item { float: left; ...... Read More

Protect Your Slate Roof From Ice Dams

Henry Mitchell of HKC Roofing in Cincinnati, Ohio, shows a method where the eaves on a slate roof can be fortified by increasing the headlap. This involves removing the slates along the eaves, then reslating the eaves with an extra course or two to...... Read More

How to find the RIGHT Roofing Contractor for your project!

When it comes time for you to find a roofing contractor to work on your home or business it’s imperative to find the RIGHT contractor for the project. In Cincinnati alone, there are over 400 roofing contractors listed in the Yellow Pages and...... Read More

New Delhi Ohio Roof

We just completed this roof in Delhi, Ohio! Looks fantastic! It’s not too late to get your roofing work done this year. Call before it’s too late! ... Read More

New Roof in Roselawn, Ohio

We’re installing a new roof in Roselawn, Ohio. This homeowner will be safe and sound for the next 30+, thanks to this new Certainteed Landmark Pro roof system! ... Read More

Power of recycling

This is a great example of the power of recycling. The guys worked hard to salvage a 115 year old Vermont slate roof from a local church. After blending the slate with other salvaged Vermont slates from our stock we were able to create a truly unique...... Read More

Golf Manor Permanent Projector Screen

We wanted to say thank you to our local, Golf Manor, police and fire department by donating our services. They were in need of a permanent projector screen for their training room. We couldn’t be more happy than to help these guys out! ...... Read More

Copper Sewer Vent Flashing

Here’s a “How-to” on fabricating a LIFETIME, copper sewer vent flashing. This will be installed on a slate roof. It’s a little time consuming but whats a couple hours of work for something that will last 100 years…. ...... Read More

70 Year Old Asbestos Tile Roof

We are working on a 70 year old asbestos tile roof. We’re fabricating a new copper chimney pan and valley to replace the old tin sheet metal. #gallery-24 { margin: auto; } #gallery-24 .gallery-item { float: left; ...... Read More

Church Box Gutter and Cornice Restoration

We are performing a box gutter and cornice restoration on a church in Cincinnati. Most of the wood was already rotted away and the 125 year old sheet metal cornice was falling apart. The cornice details were intimidating but we were able to recreate...... Read More

Copper Chimney Flashing

Completed a copper chimney flashing on a Ludowici S-Tile roof yesterday. Great work to our guys! #gallery-26 { margin: auto; } #gallery-26 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%;...... Read More

Installing a Vermont Slate Roof

We are wrapping up this 140′ high tower. Installing a Vermont slate roof with 13 different sizes creates a truly unique roof that will last for the next 125-150 years. Great job guys! #gallery-27 { margin: auto; } #gallery-27...... Read More

Box Gutter Restoration on 80 year old Ludowici French Tile Roof

We just completed this box gutter restoration on an 80 year old Ludowici French Tile roof. Now it can continue to perform for many years to come. Our guys did a great job! #gallery-28 { margin: auto; } #gallery-28 .gallery-item { ...... Read More

Restoring Tower in Downtown Cincinnati

We’re getting busy restoring this tower in downtown Cincinnati. We are removing and salvaging the existing 100 year old Peach Bottom slate roof (to be used on another project). This tower is a staggered 150′ feet from the busy streets...... Read More

Custom Copper Ridge Crest

Today we made a custom copper ridge crest. This will be installed at the peak of a slate roof. Everything is made by hand and soldered together. The slate roof is new Buckingham black and reclaimed red slate. #gallery-30 { margin: auto; ...... Read More

HKC Roofing Attends 2015 IRE

This year the International Roofing Exposition was held in New Orleans, LA and featured three days of educational classes presented by industry leaders. The Expo drew more than 9,000 people, spreading over 52 countries. The massive convention center...... Read More

Cornice Restoration

There was a point in time, around the turn of the century, when every building was designed with unique custom details. Proud and skilled craftsmen poured their all into constructing buildings that would stand the test of time, and shine in a...... Read More

HKC Roofing Builds Roof-Training Facility

The roofing industry today has found itself in quite a predicament. Almost all of the skilled tradesmen have either past away or now are reaching retirement, leaving behind a young and typically unskilled work force. In addition, asphalt shingles...... Read More

HKC Roofing Invests in New Facility

HKC Roofing recently moved into a new 14,000 office/warehouse. As our business continues to grow we needed more space to accommodate our growing fleet of vehicles and large amount of equipment and supplies. Our new space includes brand new offices...... Read More

HKC Roofing Participates in Local Food Drive

February marks the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association’s annual food drive for local pantries. Last week, HKC Roofing and other local volunteers took park in organizing and distributing over $15,000 worth of food. In...... Read More

HKC Roofing Tours the Ludowici Roof Tile Plant

New Lexington, Ohio – A group from HKC Roofing set off on a trip to tour the Ludowici roof tile plant in New Lexington, Ohio. Ludowici is the name to know in the tile roofing industry, their manufacturing history dates back over 400 years in...... Read More

HKC Roofing Attends the 62nd International Federation of Roofing Trades Congress

Bucharest, Romania – The International Federation for the Roofing Trades held its 62nd annual Congress in Bucharest, Romania this year. A 3-day World Championship for Young Roofers was made up of 21 European countries showcasing each respective...... Read More

HKC Roofing Invests in State of the Art Equipment

Cincinnati, Ohio – HKC recently purchased a Roper Whitney Shear and Automated Press Brake. The Auto-Brake has the industries leading technology with a touch screen computer to drag and draw parts instantaneously. This is just one of many new...... Read More

HKC Roofing Attends the National Slate Associations Fall Conference - Quebec, City

Quebec City, Canada – HKC Roofing recently attended the National Slate Associations fall conference in Quebec City, Canada. The conference included architects, historic preservationists, slate suppliers and contractors. We took part in round...... Read More

Flat-Lock Copper Case Study

Flat roofs are the most difficult roofs to maintain long-term watertightness. When installing a flat roof there are many options available to you but not all are created equal.  There’s no better option than the flat-lock copper roof. The system...... Read More

Traditional Roofing Methods Drive Company

At HKC Roofing Co., newer does not always equal better. HKC has invested heavily in their mission to return to traditional roofing methods, employing the use of essential specialty tools and equipment, as well as state-of-the-art training for their...... Read More