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Cornice Restoration

Licensed Roofers Cincinnati

There was a point in time, around the turn of the century, when every building was designed with unique custom details. Proud and skilled craftsmen poured their all into constructing buildings that would stand the test of time, and shine in a magnificent light during their tenure. In Cincinnati, these buildings can be found in the historic areas of town, such as Over-the-Rhine, Mt. Adams, Walnut Hills, and East Price Hill just to name a few. The architecture in these areas all have one thing in common, custom cornice work decorating the uppermost elevation of the building. This decorative detail was almost always made by hand, fabricated with sheet metal, and in some cases it was made from wood. Fortunately for Cincinnati, many of these old buildings are still standing and as revitalization takes place in each of these neighborhoods it’s especially important to have someone who can restore these historic cornices to their original beauty. Due to the age of the sheet metal it’s common for areas to be heavily rusted or damaged from a past storm. That’s where HKC Roofing comes in; we can remove these damaged areas and hand-fabricate matching cornice pieces to be installed. It’s not typical to replace the entire run of cornice. Again, repairs and proper patching can be completed in a manner to cleanup the sheet metal. Once complete, the sheet metal can be prepped and painted with a high quality acrylic paint to make the cornice look as good as new. It’s amazing how a properly restored cornice can make an old building shine again. Below are a few pictures of some cornice work we recently completed in downtown, Cincinnati.